ACL COBS Overall Standings

2017 - 2018 Season

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Singles Rankings Points are only updated ONCE a day.

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Overall Rankings Points are only updated ONCE a day.

State Ranking is a Players COBS Overall Ranking grouped at the State Level for all the Players in a given state. Points go with the individual player. A Player traveling to another city or state may participate in a COBS Points league or tournament. Those points count towards the Player’s Points Ranking for the players home state.

Starting with the 2016 - 2017 Season you MUST be a Paid (Not Expired) ACL Member or Director to have your points count in the Singles and Overall Rankings.

If you want to have your Points count in the Singles and Overall Rankings - Log into the ACL Website and go to your Profile page and click the button Add Player Membership to become a ACL Paid Member or renew your ACL Membership.

CONSIDER THIS : Don't see your name in standings? It probably means you have registered for Free or your Membership has Expired. To see your Overall Points and Ranking Upgrade to a Paid Member by Logging in and View Profile. If you need your login information, Contact Us or your Local Director.

The Player Details tab will ALWAYS have the latest Player Points because its generated / calculated on every search. There may be some times when you have a higher score in the Player Detail Tab than on the Singles and Overall Ranking. Don't Panic - its because the Singles and Overall Ranking Tabs are ONLY Updated ONCE a day. Timestamps on the Singles an Overall Ranking tabs to show when they are last updated.

The below Total Points, Local Points, Regional Points and National Points are calcualted by USING TOP 12 Regional Points (6 Singles Events, 6 Doubles Events) + Top 4 National Points (2 Singles Events, 2 Doubles Events) + Top 10 Local Tournament Points (Any Tournament) from the Second Table below which is a list every event a player has played in for a given season.

For example: If you only play in 7 Regional Singles Points Events, Only the Top 6 Regional Singles Events will count. If you play 15 Local Events (Singles or Doubles), only the Top 10 Local Event scores will count.

Power Rankings